Running In Place

Running In Place (MP3)

F# / F#6


Trying to go up the down esculater
Don't know how much progress I can make
Don't know how much more I can take
Should I get stuck and sucked in...
I'll see ya later
And, try it again

Is our race running a race in place?

Trying to swim against the current
But, I can't...
Seem to get anywhere
Tyring to swim against the tide
But, it's a slow, hard ride
To getting nowhere

Is our race running a race in place?
Will our sons and daughters
Be left treading waters?

Oh, no!
Hope I don't get swept away
By an undertow
Dear Lord, I pray for one more day
Grant me this wish... and, I'll change my way
Yes, I know I've promissed this many times before
Yes, I know my plea you did not ignore
I'm sorry to have been a repetitive liar --
A hypocrite
That's exactly it
But, please don't let me expire 
I tire
And, may go under for the third time
So, I'm prime...
Will you save
No?  Well, I suppose I deserve the next wave
Maybe you can pound some sense into me
I'm so weak compared to your sea
If I could only learn to be meak
Maybe I would have seen things differnetly
However, I have tried to go against popular opinion --
That "I'm number one under the sun!"
I'm trying to weather
I'm trying to swim against the tide
So, please... may I see the sea subside?

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