Mosey (MP3)

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Better mosey on over
And, try `n discover
Why I'm so slow
`cause I dunno...
Whether to bother
It seems like such an effort
To try n' exert
And, since I'm no expert
Might as well sit for a spell
Rather dwell than yell
Maybe it's just as well
If I let the situation 
Slip into desperation
Then it won't matter what I do
But, as of now
My only excuse is to somehow
Claim that I'm too lazy
To lend a hand
Rather be pushing up the daisy
Than trying to understand

Suppose I can only mosey along
For so long
Knowing I'm doing ya wrong
For so long
Slow to take responsibility
For humanity
Ding dong
The doorbell's ringing
It's the Grim Reaper
And, look what he's bringing
3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet... deeper?
6 feet deep
Making a hole for my body to keep
`cause I'm too slow to know
That I should get up and go, go, go!
Rather be lazy and mosey to my grave
Than to lend a hand and try n' save
By the time I realize
It's too late... I'm in for a slow and painful demise
The messy moseys
Pocket full of posies

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