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The following people were at the same point that you are now and chose to let Helen help them. The world of real estate today demands professional advice - buying or selling - and Helen is committed to providing just that.

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Dear Helen

I am thrilled with my new home! I'm taking a moment to let you know how much I really appreciated all your hard work. I realize there were lots of complications along the way, and you handled everything w/ grace. Your recommendations were especially helpful. I was very impressed w/ your choice of home inspector(s), and was very comfortable w/ the mortgage broker you hooked me up with. Thank you for taking the time to review and clarify all my questions. Thank you for making yourself available via cell phone and internet at all times (this was more important than you might think). Thank you for returning my calls in a timely manner. Thank you for treating me w/ respect and for conferring with me on decisions. I appreciate everything you've arranged, all your insights, and will recommend you highly.

Jesseca Davis

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us out last week during a very difficult time. You are wonderful. Dan and I really appreciate your help with the electrician. I hope you had a very happy new year.

We are still trying to get a closing date from the builder. I talked to Dee today, and she said she'd get back to me. I hope they can tell me something this week because my movers need a date SOON. We have been talking about the 29th (a day sooner than the contract specifies). She said she didn't think it would be a problem but had to talk to the builder. I'll let you know when I hear something.

Also, do you have any recommendations for homeowners insurance in that area? Zuburt sent some information, but I haven't called them yet. We are still at my parents, and I'll have access to this computer thru this week and perhaps next week. We can also be reached at 703-754-7076 in case you need us.

Thank you again.
Staci Childers


I just wanted to thank you for all your help so far on my family's upcoming relocation to the Philadelphia area. We covered a lot of ground during our two days of looking at houses, and I think you managed to target several communities and houses that have the things Matt and I are looking for.

Making the cross-country move seemed so daunting before we hooked up via the Internet, but the e-mail we exchanged prior to my trip not only helped focus the search, it also helped Matt and I prioritize for ourselves what it is we are looking for in a neighborhood. Lansdale and Jenkintown seem particularly promising as far as school systems, recreation facilities, and a feeling of community -- all of which are important to us.

I also appreciated your pointing out so many facets of the houses that would have escaped my inexpert eyes! Especially things to do with the heating and electrical systems of some of the older homes we looked at.

Matt and I are still committed to moving in the October timeframe. I will be in touch with again via e-mail once our plans firm up.


Caroline C. --San Francisco

P.S. I did receive the Jenkintown school report you faxed. Many thanks!

Dear Helen,

I would like to thank you for the extraordinary service that you provided for me and my family in our efforts to relocate to Philadelphia. Upon meeting you on the Internet, I felt immediately cared for in such a time of change. It certainly was calming to know that the real estate part of this move was being guided by your local knowledge of the Philadelphia area, and by your expertise and experience in the real estate process.

I am so glad that the Internet was available to both of us. If not, I never would have met you! I had called a few agents in Philadelphia on the phone, and they were not consistent in returning my calls; I felt that I couldn't depend on them. Two of them actually said I would have to choose where I wanted to live, and they would show me houses in that area when I arrived. In short, it was becoming awkward to make arrangements from Ohio because I've never been to PA. So I surfed the Net for a local real estate agent, and there you were...

You and I corresponded on the Internet consistently, every few days for about two months, before we actually met in person. This enabled me to feel comfortable with you, and we developed a trust and friendly relationship that I really appreciate. You were kind enough to describe the different neighborhoods within our price range, and to orient us to Philadelphia before we even arrived!! Thank you for making us feel welcome!

I don't know how else we could have accomplished all that we did without the Internet. It provided a reliable forum for questions and answers. Without playing "phone tag", we could respond to each other at our leisure, at any time of night or day. This format gave us sufficient time to research the answers to each other's questions, and very inexpensively at that! I didn't have to wait on the phone while you looked things up. You e-mailed me the information at-hand after having the time for consideration.

Helen, please accept my heart-felt thanks for your wonderful services and expert guidance. I believe that your approach to selling real estate will reshape the house-hunting process, and will have a great impact on the real-estate industry!

Keep up the good work!

All the best to you,

Quan G.- Columbus, OH

"About two years ago, I made a tumultuous decision to move from the friendly confines of my home state, Montana, to accept a research position in Philadelphia. Having no experience with the tribulations of big city housing, I was relatively unprepared for the enthusiastic response to a query I made to one of only three realtors (at that time) that I found listed on the Internet in Philadelphia.

Coincident with my arrival for an interview, I was able to easily arrange a meeting with Helen to view a variety of residences/properties which were currently available. On this particular foray, I was impressed with Helen's knowledge of property, financing, and negotiation.

At the time I moved to Philadelphia, I was unable to negotiate the purchase of a residence and opted for leasing. During the ensuing year, I kept in touch with Helen, because of the positive aspects of our original association. Just prior to this summer, I felt the need to change residence and called Helen. Her response was more as a friend than as a potential customer. In the months of July and August, we viewed properties on at least two occasions, finally settling on a residence in East Falls region of Philadelphia.

At the time I proposed to offer, I was unsure of the amount of money which I could apply immediately to the purchase of the property. Helen was able to work out a deal with the previous owners which was amenable to my finances and agreeable to the owners. I am now enjoying the benefits of owning property rather than renting and have Helen to thank for this opportunity."

Mark K. -- Philadelphia, PA

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