Q: What is a class action lawsuit?

A: A class action lawsuit is a suit brought by one or more individuals on behalf of others, known as class members, who have similar claims.

Q: Why did I get a settlement notice? What is this all about?

A: You received the mailing because you either own or once owned a permanent life insurance policy from Connecticut General. You might also be the person insured under the policy or the person who is paying the premium. The policy is now part of a proposed class-action settlement. The materials you received in the mail provide details about the legal action. Please read them carefully.

Q: What if I donít get a notice about the settlement in the mail?

A: Almost all Connecticut General policyholders who are members of the class have received or will receive a settlement notice. There may, however, be some class members who do not receive a notice because their policies lapsed a long time ago or we do not have a current address. If you donít receive a notice -- but feel you are a member of the class -- please call Connecticut Generalís Home Office Support Center at 1-800-951-3388. The center is staffed by trained professionals who will be able to help. Otherwise, return to the Home Page, click on the claim form, and print it from your screen.

Q: What is this dispute resolution process?

A: In brief, the dispute resolution process is designed to provide (you or the policyholder) with a fair and inexpensive way to remain a member of the class and present a claim if you believe that the company or agent misrepresented the policyís benefits. Under the procedure, Connecticut General will first try to resolve the matter. If that fails, you will be entitled to a review by a neutral, independent referee or, if necessary, a determination by an outside arbitrator. Connecticut General pays all costs for administering the process. In return, you receive an objective consideration of your claim without spending the time or fees for litigation. If you have legal questions about the procedure, please consult the attorneys for the class or discuss the matter with your own attorney.

Q: My policy lapsed years ago. What are my options?

A: If the policy with Connecticut General is no longer in force, the owner may be eligible to purchase a fixed annuity at a discount within the time period prescribed in the notice. You will also have a right to participate in the dispute resolution process if you believe you have a misrepresentation claim. To ensure your rights, please read the notice carefully. If you have legal questions, please consult the attorneys for the class or discuss the matter with your own attorney.

Q: Itís been so long, I donít even know what I bought. What kind of policy do I have?

A: For that information, you should call your insurance agent or Connecticut Generalís Home Office Support Center at 1-800-951-3388.

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