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Presenting EX2 Professional MOSFET amplifiers - an exceptional line of high quality amplifiers delivering ultra-clean power and seamless, full-range sound. All four of these power stations come with built-in electric crossovers and fully bridgeable circuitry allowing the amplifiers to drive subwoofers, midranges and tweeters with no loss of clarity. These EX2 features eliminate the need for expensive, additional components, and all EX2 amplifiers are both affordable and easy to install into any system.

I E - 3 2 3 0   4 5 0 w   x   2   C h a n n e l   P r o   M o s f e t   A m p l i f i e r

150 watt power amp automotive sound system

Only $159.00

I E - 3 2 2 0   3 5 0 w   x   2   C h a n n e l   P r o   M o s f e t   A m p l i f i e r

100 watt power amp

Only $139.00
All EX2 products can be dealer installed or view our easy installation instructions

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