Rockin' 'Round The World

While working on the Rockin' @ the Grape Street Project, Alex (in a French speaking section of North America) wrote back to Aiax (in what was once the Soviet Union.)

Alex writes:

For years Quebec wanted to be a country. We had a lot of referendum to try and get our independance... but, because of immigrants who can vote after 2 years residing in canada, they have their canadian status (they are after 2 years automatically canadian citizen. Even though they were declared criminals.) When you get your citizenship you are allowed to vote. Immigrants want to stay in Canada. In Quebec, they'd be assimilated because the independency project is to keep our culture that is crushed by USA... with there American way of life. When you go around Toronto, its the same thing as if you where in Seattle or NYC or Philadelphia... Canada accept that they are Americanized... but Quebec won't stand for it. We have our culture that is older than USA and older than Canada itself... our land that was Quebec and half of USA hundred of years ago was stolen from us. Then we were concentrated to the island of Montreal then won for our land that we have today. Talent is everywhere in Quebec. Americans come here to produce movies and use only Quebec's best cinema workers. They are quoted the best in the world. We are a nation that is proud of our past, proud of what we are. The point is....

In your email you wrote:

(the music) that would be performed in-USA,CANADA,RUSSIA. We will perform a professional records of songs....

Switch Canada for Quebec, I am from Quebec a soon to be country... not Canada who tax our province twice as more than any other province. If Canada loses Quebec, they are in deep deep trouble, we are the capital of electricity. We are the province that has the most lakes and rivers, providing electricity to Ontario, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and even the USA. We provide electricity to California (although it seems so very far from Quebec), Vermont, a part of NY and others. Quebec represents Canada in many domains... Celine Dion, Jacques and Gilles Villeneuve in F1 racing. We have the Montreal Canadian who has the most Stanley Cup, 24 in total... no team has close to 24.

Quebec provides wood to hundred of countries around the world, we provide water to hundred of countries around the world. Tourists from USA, All Europe and Asia come in Quebec for hunting, Skidooing (that was invented by a Quebecer... Bombardier) and the god damn best fishing in the world Tell me who brought up the Letter HOLLYWOOD in Hollywood? Mack Sennett was a Quebecois. Who discovered Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin ? Mack Sennett.

Who was declared best people in the world by General de Gaule? Quebec.

All that just to mention that I am from Quebec not Canada....
smile :)

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