What the hell is he saying?
by the soon to be famous Alex Therrien
Digital Yoda

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French Canadian Speaks Out

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What the heck is this French Canadian guy saying? Is he from Montreal or Mars?

Jne Plein La Yeule

My mouth is full? Full of what? My mom always told me not to talk with my mouth full. Oh... your mouth is full of important things to say. Then, go ahead and spit it out!

Here is what he has to say:

Now, time is on my side and I can't figure out what to do for you... the I don't see humanitarian enough things on the site.

I sent you a photograph of a poor guy thin like hell... thats what I want to point out. What about the children which aren't fed and loved... the children and the homeless... what about them?

Its snow time already here in Quebec.... Thousand of homeless people are on the street begging for change... just yesterday I was in downtown Montreal... I think I was asked 10 times for change.. I gave my last 20 dollar bill to a 13 year old girl who had a child that was freezing to death. That's what I want to work on.

People who have a computer don't need a home I guess nor money (well.. money for me, but thats another story...! hahaha)

My center point is on people in need... people in need do not have a PC... so they don't have access to our site... KAR is a hypocrite site.

I shouldn't be here talking to you..... but out on the street helping someone.. not wondering around the damn internet... the instrument the devil uses in year 2000 to get people... cause why is it good??? because we are talking about helping... but we aren't... we should be OUT helping not in talking.. or doing multimedia shit. If I can help one person today... it will be one less to help... anyway.... I had a vision... jesus standing beside a burning PC screen.... from the burning ashes where children's soul flying out from the fires of the devil up to heaven... The devil used throughout years a number of tools... today its the internet.. millions of children have access to it... to pornographic material, pedophiles, killers, recipes to make a bomb... all the crisis in the schools where brought to us by.... INTERNET!!

I am a hypocrite... I don't want to be one no longer... tonight, I'm going in downtown Montreal with sheets and gloves and warm clothes to give out... Thats it... my soul has spoken... what a ya say?

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