But They'd Look Good in Stripes

by Martin Dekom

I used to watch ESPN to see how my favorite football players were doing, now I watch it to see how NFL stars are doing time. Take Steeler running back Bam Morris, who evidently did not lose enough brain cells in some of last years' notable collisions, busted with 6 pounds of marijuana. The graybar Hilton team of the penitentiary league could use a power back: Bam, have a seat next to Mercury Morris and Dexter Manley. There is also the celebrity double standard: Cowboy star Michael Irvin, who despite being in a room with prostitutes, cocaine, marijauna, and used drug paraphernalia, is only required to give the police a statement. I'm sure all this expensive hardware belongs to the woman who is trading sex for money, not the multi-millionaire. In a fast paced world of give and take, it seems that not getting what you really deserve is more common than it should be. However, I believe that mathematics won't be denied.

My favorite abused stock, Trident Microsystems (NASDAQ: TRID) has gotten its butt kicked again. This time it traded in sympathy with yet another competitor with problems. Without talking about the whimsical logic of Wall Street (see "Men are From Mars, Wall Street is from Hell"), let's do the math.

TRID has logged 1.25 earnings per share for the trailing four quarters, and is now down to 14-15. The comparable price of an S&P 500 company with similar earnings would be about $24. If we used a higher ratio more typical of NASDAQ stocks, the price would be perhaps double or triple.

And if Bam Morris had wings, he wouldn't be a jailbird.

Regardless of my speculation, it is a hallmark of a market that value is rewarded eventually. If this holds true, I have that faith my bets on TRID will pay handsomely.

At $14-15, I believe it's a steal and I'm a thief, and I should share a cell with Bam Morris.

And, there may be some major activity between now and April 20, when TRID is expected to announce yet another profit boost. With that in mind I submit TRID to ESPN for their "Play of the Week." Be reminded that this represents only my opinion, so do not try this without adult supervision.

Martin Dekom is a stockbroker with the money management firm, Profit Management Associates, in Atlanta. He can be reached at 404.320.7620, or by Email at MDekom@aol.com. His column is published on the Internet, in The DeKalb Champion, and The Stockbridge Advertiser.

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