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14 November
Atlanta, GA

Has this government shutdown really just ruined your day? Mine neither, but here's a pop quiz: if they are "non essential", why do we have them? It's interesting to see what questions we as a society must face. On an individual basis the SEC encourages me to quiz you relentlessly on things like investment experience, if you are really keeping up with the Joneses, and just who is the best James Bond*.

However, one of the questions conveniently avoided by many of those hawking securities (to include bad suit wearers purveying of mutual funds) is, what do you expect to make from this in a year? "Investment objectives" only scratches the surface of this question, and in fairness, it is worth noting that "performance selling" is frowned upon.

At the risk of receiving a severe frowning, my goal for you as a client is to make 6-10% every two months. Quit laughing- my theory is that long term goals are comprised of a series of short term goals. So, if I find a good buy once every eight weeks, we're on track. In a trial by fire of this theory, I place my chips on Micron Technology (NYSE: MU).

MU is looking at a 77% increase in the bottom line. However, I see the value in that the stock has been beat up lately, and has perhaps reached it's maximum downward stretch, like a slingshot pulled to it's length. Whiiiinnnng!! The stock, after a 5 point tumble today following an analyst's comment, rests at 56 7/8. I think this tumble is an overreaction, and besides that, few have been victimized by the "tech" selloff more so than MU, having fallen from a high 94 in September. As my theory is practiced, I need to pull $6-8 from this stock either through capital gain or by selling the options. If I'm on track this will happen before New Year's, and I'll buy the champagne for us.


Martin Dekom

*Sean Connery
Much thanks to Bill Simon, genius at large whose brain was picked at length.
Disclaimer: this missive is an aid to your due diligence, not a substitute

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