Financial Workshop

Dager & Dager would be glad to assist you in a closer examination of your financial situation and how it will affect your ability to purchase real estate.

here are literally hundreds of pieces of information needed to process a loan for approval. Our attempt with the following questionaire will be to elicit only the information needed to take you to the level of what is called being "Pre-Qualified". Being pre-qualified simply means that a bank has found you to be in a position to aquire a loan for "X" dollars. With this peice of information in-hand, you will be in an excellent negotiating position when you finally attempt an offer on a home. The potential seller will be more apt to accept an offer from someone that they know is pre-qualified with no waiting period.

So let's get you started on the pre-qualification process! Below is a questionaire which needs to be filled out to the best of your ability. After completing the form simply click on the "submit" button and we will begin an analysis of your financial situation.

Financial Infomation Form

General Information:

your first .............................. and last names

e-mail address

street address

city, ...................................... state, ................................ and zip code

Phone number

Desired location of real estate to be purchased

What sales price would you guess for your purchase property (only an appoximation for now).

Employment Information:

Borrower's Employer Name & Address:

How long employed here?

Co-Borrower's Employer Name & Address:

How long employed here?

Borrower's Gross Monthly Salary:
Co-Borrower's Gross Monthly Salary:

Other Income for Borrower? (Gross Monthly):
Other Income for Co-Borrower? (Gross Monthly):

Asset Information:

For this section, please only give approximate figures in each account area. There is no need to give account numbers or names of the institutions in which the monies reside.

Money Markets:
401K Plans:
Mutual Funds:
Stocks & Bonds:

Any other liquid assets you feel are applicable:

Are any of the above stated funds not to be used for purchase of new real estate:

Do you have any potential gift monies from any source.
If ,YES, what would the amount be?

Debt Information:

The following debt information is a critical aspect of this financial analysis. We will give you several general categories of possible revolving debt to fill in. These may not be all-inclusive, so please use the 'other' section to include your unique situation. Revolving debt is defined as any constant, monthly payments you make, whether amortized or not. (ie: car payments, home equity loan, school loans, credit cards...)

Please give both the current total balance of the debt as well as the current monthly payment.

Type of Account................Current Balance.............Monthly Payment
Combined Credit Cards:
Car Loans:.....................
School Loans:................
Personal Loans..............

Please continue with any other revolving debts you may have that do not fit in the categories listed above:

Have you ever been previously married?
If ,YES, is there any allimony/child support, and how much on a monthly basis?

Do you currently own or rent?
If ,OWN, will you be selling this property prior to buying the new property?

If are selling/or will sell this property prior to your new purchase, what will the proceeds equal?

If you are not selling this property, what will your total monthly cost be to maintain it (ie: loan payments, taxes & HO Insurance)

If you own a second or third home please give the same info for them in the space provided below:

Disclosure Information:

Will you occupy the new premises?


Have you in the last 7 years declared bankruptcy, suffered foreclosure, had an account assigned for collection or had any legal action affecting your ability to finance?

If, YES, explain below:

Is any part of the purchase price or settlement cost being obtained from a source other than shown?


If you answered "YES" and the money in question is other than monies mentioned in the gift section above, please describe below:

Thank you for taking the time to review and complete this form. We at Dager & Dager believe it will be an excellent start in aquiring your new home. Simply click on the "submit" button below to continue.

Thank you.