The Telephone Percentage Game

I've been approached so many times by various phone companies wanting me to "switch". You know the approach...join us and save 30%...or come on board to get a 40% discount.

Hasn't anybody asked...30% off of what?...40% discount from what?... No, the public's response has been...30%...great...Super, I'll join... or 20%...that's not enough...I want 25% and one month's free calls.

The point is that when you are thinking of phone companies, ask how much the RATE PER MINUTE is. Get an actual figure and compare it with another actual figure. If it's .20 cents per minute, then you know what your actual cost will be. The percentage game is nothing but a marketing tool, using the old carrot and stick principle, and the public is buying it.

I happen to pay .10 to .13 cents for national calls and .40 cents per minute on international calls. I use a regional carrier. These carriers are normally less expensive than the national carrier. My rates are extremely competive so that when I get a call from the "usual"... they can't compete.

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