Miniature Book Exhibit

Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts
Chicago, Illinois

If you're planning to visit Chicago in the new few weeks, be sure to come to our space and see this exhibit. It was curated by Barbara Lazarus Metz from the collection of Donn Sanford and other book artists across the country.

The works are in various catagories including abcedariums, almanacs, bibles, fine bindings, Chicago publishers, curiosities and printing and papermaking. The exhibit has everything from traditional gold tooled leather bindings of works by famous authors to wild and wonderful contemporary books. We have the smallest book in the world, as of 1985 and also the smallest book from 1932, The Rose Garden of Omar Khayyam.

The show will run until August 1. Hours are 10: - 5: Monday through Friday and some weekends.
Call for information: (312) 431-8612 or email Donn Sanford:

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