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After hundreds of years of the publication of primers, it was inevitable that someone would bring out a work satirizing them. Leave it to the clever Mr. B. Franklin. His primer first appeared in 1878. Old Farmhouse Press has selected a reproduction of THE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PRIMER as their first miniature book.

The edition is reduced somewhat in size from the original, and measures 2 7/8 X 2 inches. It has humor, puns, satire, 25 black & white woodcuts, an alphabet, lessons in reading and natural history, pronunciation, some cartoon advice about sobriety and, of course, a lesson in what can happen to bad children. Even the footnoted definitions and the Advice to Teachers are delightful good fun.

Printed at the Stinehour Press on Mohawk Cool White Vellum Text. Binding by Don Brady in brown cloth. Gold stamped cover and spine. 23 pages. This is a signed and numbered edition of 200 copies.


As its second miniature book, Old Farmhouse Press has chosen a reprint of a rare little book which was first published in 1814. It includes a charming introduction by the author, followed by 23 riddles and their accompanying woodcut illustrations.

Here is an example of two of the riddles:

Two bodies have I,
Though both joined in one;
The stiller I stand,
The faster I run.

'Tis true I have both face and hands,
And move before your eye.
Yet when I go, my body stands,
And when I stand I lie.

We decided you wouldn't want us to spoil the fun by printing the answers here - but if you like the riddles, or quaint little books which are nicely printed, on an interesting subject, this is a must for your library. It has 23 woodcuts and is 2 7/8 X 2 inches, hardcover.

The presswork is offset lithography by Stinehour Press of Lunenburg, Vermont, combined with the fine binding of Don Brady of Florida. Copies 1 to 25 are bound in brown leatherette and are signed by the publisher; copies 26 to 200 are in brown cloth. Both editions are stamped in gold on the cover and spine and have a nicely printed dust jacket on Blue Granite cotton fiber paper.
Place your order today. Deluxe Edition or Regular edition.

Contact: Jon Mayo, Old Farmhouse Books, P.O. Box 74, North Clarendon VT 05759
e-mail, microbib@sover.net

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