Half-Price Sale!

All available miniature books published by the Press of Ward Schori will be on sale.
Also books from Ward's collection by the Black Cat Press.
Please contact Margaret Schori at schori@inil.com or through her website: http://www.inil.com/users/schori/minibook.htm

Catalog of
by The Press of Ward Schori

This edition of 174 copies is published by Clark University. 2 7/8 X 2 1/2 inches, 88 pages including four photographic illustrations. Included is the colophon information from all 73 of Ward's miniature books. Preface by Robert C. Bradbury, introduction by Donn Sanford and a previously unpublished autobiography of Ward written as a letter to a fellow miniature book publisher from Russia.

To receive a copy of this catalog, send $10 payable to "Friends of Goddard Library"
Robert H. Goddard Library, Special Collections
Clark University
950 Main Street, Worcester MA 01610

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