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Alicia Bailey

Ab means, in Aramaic, 'the breath of life'. The text of this book includes descriptions of the physiological workings of the circulatory system and Aubri Aleka Keleman’s poem “Suggestions For Improving the Heart and Its Workings”

This miniature version of a book produced by Ravenpress in 2000 is bound in a modifed butterfly style binding with an open spine. The covers are book board covered with paper made by Ray Tomasso (Interocean Curiosity Studio) and illustrated with a hand-painted laser print. Each of the 24 pages is color laser printed from original watercolors on Mohawk Superfine Text. Endpapers are hand-marbled by Pamela Smith. This is an edition of 25, 3x2.75x3/8 inches.


Alicia Bailey

The contents of this book include text and illustrations adapted from a Twelfth Century Latin Bestiary, a 1980 poem written by Jane Q. Spears and illustrations by Alicia Bailey.The 15 Illustrations and text are laser and color inkjet prints printed on Arches 90# hotpress and sumi papers. Portions of the text have gold laser-foil; several pages are hand-rubbed with pigmented micro-crystalline wax.Thirty pages plus 7 tipped in pages are bound in an adaptation of a butterfly-style binding. The exposed spine is painted with gold pigment.

Covers are book board wrapped with maroon and gold papers from Thailand. Title bar is a recessed hand-painted paper label. The box is covered with embossed maroon book cloth, the inner tray is covered with corkskin. A ribbon pull assists with removing the book from the box. Box label is laser transfer on corkskin. This is an edition of 25. The box is .75x3x3 inches; the book is 2.25x2.75x.5 inches


Alicia Bailey

This book is housed in a cloth covered box coated on the outside with red wax. A mirror on inside of the box lid has a quote from Carole Jackson. author of "Color Me Beautiful." The non-linear text includes thoughts on the history, manufacture and general qualities of lipstick. The text is laser printed on hand painted sumi paper. It is bound at one end and attached to the inside of a lipstick tube (tube colors and styles vary). This is an edition of 25. The box size is 3.5x1.25x1.25.


Alicia Bailey

This book is a miniature accordion book and box. The text is extracted from a poem by Donna Jackson. Pages are laserprint on paste-paper. Three inserts are pamphlet stitched; inserts are laserprint illustrations on paste-papered chiri. Twelve pages plus inserts with five black-and-white illustrations from original drawings by Alicia Bailey.

Covers are davy board covered with hand-made paper; end pages are text weight from Taiwan. Closures are ribbon, bone and shell. Box is covered with soy-ink printed paper in bark pattern. On the lid of the box is a small sculpture made from Guatemalan skull beads, painted wood, koko beads, small bones and branches. This is an edition of 26. The box size, including sculpture is 1.75 x 1.75 x 4 inches.

Contact: Alicia Bailey, Ravenpress,
PO Box 27, Lake City, CO 81235
970-944-2658 or 303-831-4789, email aliciabailey@qwest.net

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