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President of Expressive Therapy Concepts, Eric B. Miller M.Ed. CMT-BC is a psychotherapist and certified music therapist. He is currently working with Dr. Jeffrey Lupowitz on developing a system for utilizing music therapy and biofeedback in the chiropractic setting. Eric will be presenting a workshop on BIOFEEDBACK & MUSIC THERAPY on Saturday, January 13, 1996 at ETC in Phoenixville, PA
Miller has also recently joined the staff at the MIND/BODY CONNECTION, a holistic center in King of Prussia, PA which offers Psychotherapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Massage Therapy, Mediation, many other modalities and a free lecture series.

Lynn Miller, executive board member of ETC is also a painter, jazz guitarist/singer, dancer and owner of OMNISTROKE SCREENPRINTING where she designs and prints colorful T-Shirts, hats, bags, etc., Lynn conducts a DRUMMING & DANCING session at ETC the first Friday of each month.

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Conference Package includes:Compendium, T-shirt & 16" colorful ETC frame drum ..........all for only $95.

As far as audio tapes, it looks like available tapes will be:

  1. Multi-modal Creative Arts Therapies with Drug-addicted chronic schizophrenics: A working model - Cynthia Howard Jones MA ADTR

  2. Inviting the Muse: Music and Poetry with Geriatrics - Dena Condron, MMT-CMT

  3. Art & Music Improvisation as a Meditation Susan LaMantia MA, ATR & Eric Miller M.Ed. CMT-BC

  4. Advocacy skills for creative arts therapists Part 2 Susan Kleinman MA ADTR

  5. Maybe a couple others...

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