AO North America Visiting Professor Program


Basic Aims

The aim of this program is to provide financial support for North American hospitals to invite a AO Faculty member (from North America or Europe) as a Visiting Professor in the teaching of Orthopaedic, Craniomaxillofacial, Spine or Veterinary Trauma treatment.


The Visiting Professorship will normally be for one or two days using any format of training, such as lectures, workshops, discussions, or a combination of the above.


The funding of each preceptorship includes transportation, hotel and meal expenses, and a $500.00 honorarium for the Visiting Professor. The maximum total grant for a Visiting Professor from North America is $3,000.00; maximum funding for a Visiting Professor traveling to a North America Center from abroad is $6,000.00.


It is requested that the Visiting Professor submit his/her original receipts either to the institution he or she is visiting (for transmittal to AONA) or to the AONA office for reimbursement. The $500 honorarium will be automatically added to the reimbursement check.

NOTE AO North America will not support the expenses of an "AO Visiting Professor" invited to lecture at a regularly scheduled Society meeting, symposium, or instructional course. Only a pre-approved visit to a specific institution can be considered for funding support.

Application Process and Guidelines

The Visiting Professorship will be available to any hospital with surgical services in North America. AO North America will fund a maximum of two Visiting Professors at a specific host institution per calendar year. Interested host institutions should submit:

1) Completed Application

2) Detailed outline of the desired Professorship to include:
a) Objectives
b) Goal
c) Educational format
d) Applicable program

3) Letter of support from the Department Chair to the Visiting Professor on letterhead.

4) Letter from the AO Visiting Professor to Department Chair confirming willingness to participate and agreeing with the proposed educational program on letterhead.

It is expected that AO North America's support of the Visiting Professorship be acknowledged during the lectures and also in any written material (programs/announcements) of the preceptorship.

Application for AO North America Visiting Professor Program

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