AO North America Resident
Trauma Research Support Program

AO North America is aware that available funds to support worthwhile Resident clinical research projects are very limited. The Steering Committee of AONA has therefore decided to allocate funds each year to support worthwhile Resident research projects.


1. Normally, support of each grant approved shall not exceed $5,000.00. If the research project submitted will cost in excess of $5,000.00, no funds will be released from AO North America until the applicant is able to provide documentation that the additional funding necessary to complete the project has been secured from other sources.

2. AO North America will not provide funds to purchase instruments or implants for research projects being funded. The applicant must obtain such materials from the appropriate manufacturer.

3. AO North America will also not provide funds for capital equipment, such as computers or laboratory instrumentation, nor will it provide funding to support salaries or travel expenses for research personnel.

4. Only one grant will be awarded per resident in a calendar year, and no more than two grants will be funded per residency program per year.

5. The AONA Awards Committee will collect applications received and review them on a quarterly basis: January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15. Those who submit projects for consideration during these periods should expect a funding decision from AONA within 3 weeks of the applicable review date.

6. AO North America requires a progress report on the project one year after funding has been provided, and a final report following completion of the project. Applicants who receive funding from AO North America will also acknowledge AONA's support in any resulting publications or presentations.

7. If all of the grant monies provided are not utilized for this specific research project, the remaining funds must be returned to AO North America.

8. When an application is approved, the AONA office will call the applicant to obtain information as to how the check should be endorsed and to whom it should be sent.


Application for AONA Resident Trauma Research Support