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Hand Painted Chests

Hand Painted chests

#014 - This certain piece is not for sale,
but can be created on another piece.

custom painted furniture

#015 - Matisse Piece

custom painted furniture, chests

#016- Canvas-Covered 4-shelf Unit
A beautiful chest with a canvas covering.
The canvas can actually be pulled up and tied
to reveal four shelves.

home furnishings

#017 Animal Jelly Chest - 2' H. 3 shelves.
Can hold up to 30 videos.

custom designed art

#018- Barbie Chest - An adorable chest that
anyone would love.

custom are and home furnishings

#019 - Summer Chest- Three shelves inside.
A great chest for a shore house.

designer furniture

#020-Monet Armoire - A wonderful piece with
a hanging bar inside the door. Drawers are large
to hold many clothing.

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