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  • Personal Reporting Bureau, Inc. has extensive experience in providing credit reports to mortgage companies and banks. Different types of lenders require different types of credit reports. Since 1937 PRB has tended to our clients needs with speed, accuracy and attention to individual requirements.

    How does PRB differ from our competition?
    We go to great lenghts to provide information on your RMCR's (full factuals) which other companies don't or won't provide. Information designed to assist your processors and reduce their processing time. In our opinion, we feel if you receive the highest quality reports, and your processing time is reduced because of it, using PRB only makes sense. (and cents add up to dollars)

    Now, with our FREE proprietary on-line software, you can request and receive merged, blended and deduped credit reports with or without risk scores (FICO, Emperica or Beacon) in seconds from your P.C. or Laptop and RMCR's (full reports) can be delivered on line and print to your laser printer. And QUICKCREDIT's electronic data interface (EDI) is compatible with most Loan Origination Software packages.

    One other thing ... While PRB has always embraced the advantages that progressive technology brings to credit reporting, there is one modern marvel we refuse to accept - voice mail. We prefer to greet our customers with the warmth and flexibility only real people can provide.

    So if you demand better service than what you're used to, or you would just like more information or a QUICKCREDIT demo, please fill out the Lenders Request form.

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