The Jongleurs debut album is available on their own independant record label -NCM East. The album features 15 original tracks and has received airplay on college radio stations throughout the U.S.

The C.D. includes the following tracks:


1. Hay...

2. Plastic Lover

3. Flea Circus

4. B.D.

5. Psycho Bitch From Hell

6. I Said Whoa

7. D.N.A.

8. Sunny Acres

9. Underwear is Redundant

10. Gap Girl

11. Chunky Chicks

12. U Move Me

13. 'Itch

14. Sinner Music

15. ...Hitch

To order The Jongleurs debut C.D. send a $10 check or money-order made payable to Michael Stegner.

Send the check to

The Jongleurs

825 Obispo Ave.

Coral Gables, FL 33134.

Remember to include your return address.

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