The Jongleurs debut album is available on their own independent record label -NCM East. The album features 15 original tracks and has received airplay on college radio stations throughout the U.S.

Many tracks are featured on the RealAudio interview listed in the left frame.

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The C.D. includes the following tracks:

1. Hay...(Matt Glassmeyer)

2. Plastic Lover (Michael Stegner)

Plastic lover, silicon sandwich, plastic never turned me on so much. Plastic lover it's kind of hot out. Don't go to the beach or your nose might melt. My little sexy plastic lover, how many thousands of dollars did it take to make your body so nice? I bet you get some every night now. My little sexy plastic lover, someday you'll make the Cosmo cover and everyone will say your body is so nice, but little will they know it's rubber.

3. Flea Circus (Matt Glassmeyer)

Tight rope. Trapeze. Big top. Clown car.

4. B.D. (Michael Stegner)

5. Psycho Bitch From Hell (Michael Stegner)

Psycho bitch from hell get away from me 'cause I don't want to smell your feet. Psycho bitch from hell get away from me unless you want to lick my knees.

Put some latitude in your attitude, put some longitude in your underoos.

6. I Said Whoa (Matt Glassmeyer)

I said WHOA. I said... I said... I said WHOA! I... I... I said WHOA!

7. D.N.A. (Matt Glassmeyer)

8. Sunny Acres (Matt Glassmeyer)

9. Underwear is Redundant (Matt Glassmeyer)

10. Gap Girl (Michael Stegner)

What ya gonna do? What you gonna wear? Blow your yellow bubblegum twirl your curly hair. Makin' up your face forget about your mind, you better hurry to the Gap store before it's closin' time. Should you wear white? Should your wear blue? Should you wear your hair up and what about your shoes?

Gap girl - you know you are so fine. Gap girl - if you only had a mind.

11. Chunky Chicks (Eric Hastings)

12. U Move Me (Michael Stegner)

For the lack of better words - U move me. Though it sounds absurd - U move me. With every word you say - U move me. All hours of the day - U move me.

The simplest of your actions in me create reaction. One thousand times I've tried yet this love I can't deny. My heart cannot resist what this circumstance insists.

13. 'Itch (The Jongleurs)JongBack.jgp

14. Sinner Music (Michael Stegner)

15. ...Hitch (Matt Glassmeyer)

All Selections Copyright 1996. Published by Skin Diver Tunes/BMI.