Here is information on recordings by The Jongleurs.
"Five People" - The Jongleurs - N.C.M. East - (cat.# 0003) 
Released in October of 1997, this follow-up disc contains over 70 minutes of original music, featuring the band's eclectic stylings and twisted humor, often labeled "Brat Jazz."  Includes the scronky rock of  "Welcome to Wal-Mart," the noise-jazz of "Peeing in the Pool," and five minimalist movements that make up "Glasdme."  How to orderWhere to find it.
"The Jongleurs" - The Jongleurs - N.C.M. East - (cat. # 0002) 
This debut album from The Jongleurs introduces listeners to the band's diverse background in experimental rock 'n roll and progressive jazz. 
"One of the 10 best albums of 1996." - E.S.P. Magazine (Greensboro, NC)  How to orderWhere to find it.
Live Recordings  
The Jongleurs have a listing of recordings that have been recorded at some of their shows.  If you have recordings of shows - fill out the form on this page and we will post your shows so people can contact you about recordings.