All Mug Shots are 8" x 11" Glossy prints and look great framed

Prices are $4.99 per picture unless other wise noted. 5 mug shots for $20.00 Add $3.50 priority shipping for 1-15 Mug Shots

Send checks or money orders to:
Rich Hillen
PO Box 1212
Merchantville, NJ 08109

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Updated on October 2000

Boston Strangler Albert De Salvo

Ted Bundy

Jeffrey Dahmer

Dana Plato

John Dillinger


John Wayne Gacy

Ed Gein

Gary Heidnik

Hugh Grant

Jack Kevorkian

Larry King

Lenny Bruce

Charles Manson

OJ Simpson

Lee Harvey Oswald

Carl Panzram

Pee Wee Herman

Richard Ramirez

Jack Ruby

Sid Vicious

Snoop Doggy Dog

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