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Lilith Stabs is in the

Serial Killer Coloring Book # 4 & 5

Lilith is a B-movie Vixen, Actress, Comic book Covergirl, Industrial rock Goddess, Magazine Starlet, Writer, Fetish/Goth model. She has b starred in Classics like Vampire Call Girls, Demonatrix & this years Cremains Lilith is available for: * Horror movies (other appropriate roles as well) * Modeling for fetish/goth publications * music videos * convention appearances * wrestling valet

Lilith in The Flesh

Lilith Art

More Lilith in The Flesh
You can find more pictures of Lilith at her Web SiteHigh Priestess of Horror e-mail the Countess at deathwishbarbie@yahoo.com or Write her Lilith Stabs P.O. Box 250153 Atlanta Ga. 30325

If you want an 8" x 11" glossy print of my Lilith art above send $7.00 (Cash, Check or Money Order) to Rich Hillen Po Box 1212 Merchantville, NJ 08109

Or you can pay by credit card through Paypal Make payments with PayPal - it's fast,
             free and secure!

If you want to be a Pin Up Dead Chick send me a picture either made up to look dead or a photo I can retouch or redraw to make you look dead.

Send to: Pin Up Po Box 1212, Merchantville, NJ 08109 or send it by e-mail hillen007@hotmail.com

Click here to check out The Serial Killer Coloring Books # 1- 5

Oh yeah.. All Art is By Rich Hillen on this page. Nature made the Chicks.