Rich Hillen's Sick and Crazy Custom Clocks

Rich Hillen's Sick and Crazy Custom Clocks


Some of the Oddest custom clocks on the internet. You'll find everything from Bea Arthur and Serial Killers to Pee Wee Herman and Mozart. Over 50 clocks!! You can even create your own send me any picture (E- mail or Snail mail) of your self, your family even your cat and I'll put it on a clock.

Each clock is 8", black and runs on one AA battery (NOT INCLUDED)

Prices are $17.99 per clock unless other wise noted. Add $3.50 priority shipping.

Custom clocks is $19.99 plus $3.50 priority shipping.

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Rich Hillen
PO Box 1212
Merchantville, NJ 08109

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Updated on May 2000



Clockwork Orange- Alex

Adolf Hitler CLOCK

Adolf Hitler & Benito Mussolini CLOCK

Planet of the Apes Clock

Apocalypse Now Clock

David Berkowitz Son of Sam CLock

Bob Marley Clock

Apocalypse Now Clock

Bob Dylan CLock


Clockwork Orange- Alley Pic


Anarchy CLock

Andy kaufman

Astro Zombies Clock

Bad Taste

Don Knotts Barney Fife Clock

Bea Arthur Clock

Bea Arthur ib Lingerie Clock


Beethoven Clock


Bonnie & Clyde Clock

Bettie Page Bondage Clock

Bewitched Clock


John Wilkes Booth Clock


The Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo Clock


Ted Bundy Mug Shot Clock

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Clock

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Clock 2

Blade Runner Clock

Blues Brother Cartoon Clock

Blues Brothers Movie Clock

Blue Velvet Clock

Bride of Frankenstein Clock

Charles Bukowski Face Clock

Charles Bukowski pose Clock

William S Burroughs Clock

William S. Burroughs Clock 2


William S. Burroughs Clock 3

William S. Burroughs Junkie Clock


Al Capone Clock


Louis Ferdinand Celine Clock

Carnival of Souls Clock

Cow Clock Moo Moo

Creature Form the Black Lagoon Clock

Aleister Crowley Clock

Tony Clifton (Andy Kaufman) Clock

Creature From The Black Lagoon Clock

Jeffrey Dahmer Mug Shot Clock

Salvidor Dali Wars of Visage Clock


Dana Plato Clock

Dark Shadows Clock

Dead Alive Clock

Dracula Clock Bela

Dracula Clock Lee

Dr Butcher MD Clock

Ed Wood Clock

Ed Wood -Tor Johnson Clock

Ed Wood Glen or GlendaClock

Batman-EGGHEAD Clock (Vincent Price)


Albert Einstein Clock

Faces of Death Autopsy Clock

Albert Fish Clock

The Fonz Clock

Frankenstein Clock

Freddy Krueger Clock

John Wayne Gacy Mug Shot Clock

John Wayne Gacy's Pogo Painting Clock

Ed Gein - Corpse Clock Lee

Get Smart Clock


GG Allin Clock

Allen Ginsberg Clock

Godzilla Clock

Grease Clock

Hannibal Lechter Clock

Chow Yun Fat Hard Boiled Clock


Hellraiser Pinhead Clock

Herman Munster Clock

Wes Craven's the Hills Have Eyes Clock

Alfred Hitchcock Clock

Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo Clock

Hogan's Heroes Clock

The Howling Clock


Iggy Pop Clock

Ilsa She Wolf of the SS Clock

Friday the 13th Jason Clock

Jayne Mansfield Clock

John F Kennedy Clock

Judy Garland Clock

Jack Kerouac Clock

King Kong Clock

Larry King Mug Shot Clock


Anton Lavey Black Mass Clock

Timothy Leary Clock

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Clock

Lenny Bruce Mug Shot Clock

Maniac the Movie Clock

Charles Manson Mug Shot Clock

Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol Clock


Marv Albert Mug Shot Clock

The Meatmen Clock -$19.99

Midhael Meyers Halloween Clock

Misfits Skull Clock - $23.00

Marilyn Manson Mug Shot Clock

Jim Morrison Mug Shot Clock

Morticia Addam'a Family Clock

Mozart Clock


Mr T Clock

Necromantik Clock

Necromantik Clock

Nell Carter Gimmee A Break Clock

New York Dolls Clock

New York Dolls/ Johnny Thunders Clock

OJ Simpson Mug Shot Clock

Lee Harvey Oswald Clock

Patti Smith Clock

Pee Wee Herman Clock


Pee Wee Mug Shot Clock

Wiccan Pentagram Clock

Satanic Black Pentagram Clock

Satanic Purple Pentagram Clock

Satanic Red Pentagram Clock

Edgar Allan Poe Clock

Richard Ramirez Mug Shot Clock

Re-Animater Clock


Jack Ruby Mug Shot Clock

Sanford and Son Clock

Satan Cartoon Clock

Shaft Clock

The Shining Clock

Sex Pistols Cartoon Sid Vicious Clock

Sex Pistols Who Killed Bambi Clock

Sex Pistols Gay Cowboy Clock

Sistine Chapel Michaelangelo Clock


Traci Lords Bikini Clock

Traci Lords Mug Shot Clock

Walt Whitman Clock

Andy Warhol Clock

What's Happening? Clock

Wonder Woman Clock

Rich Hillen
PO Box 1212
Merchantville, NJ 08109

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