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Welcome to The Grape St. Pub Online!!!
The Grapes St. Pub invites you to stay awhile. The new improved site contains various multimedia features: 24hr. Web Radio Station, 30 sec live Band Mpeg/Video clips, upto date news & happenings, feedback ( we want to here from you ) and much, much more. So come on into The Pub and discover something new......We here at the Grape St. Pub will continue to support the original artists who play here to our fullest capacity.... why you say.... We love original music and want our family to be successful in the careers.
Internet Radio Station!!!
The Grape St. Pub has the first ever by any club or venue to have and internet radio station the is strictly for the bands who take the stage. The station features the best original music from all over the country so click on the icon to the left and hear something new
A Landmark Compilation CD in Philadelphia Music History!!!
GSP Compilation CDThe Grape Street Pub is proud to announce the release of their compilation CD. Featuring all of your favorite GSP bands, such as Mighty O.V, Mercy River, The Red King, Milkglass, Stargazer Lily, Tapping the Vein, K-Floor, Ben Arnold, and more. The CD is available at the Grape Street Pub or order online, click the cd cover. The CD has received nothing but great reviews. It's only $6.00 for 17 greatbands. .
Grape Street Productions
Have partnered to bring bands to the forefront of the everchanging music industry.

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