Ever been told where to go?

Never Again!

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Using GPS technology (Global Positioning Satellites), Beacon continuously pinpoints your exact location and clearly shows you the way on a full-color, high resolution screen. And Beacon lets you search for your destination by zip code, phone number, city or street. All this and an impressive list of features not found with any other in-vehicle navigation system:

Comprehensive street-level maps for virtually every state, city, town, highway, road and intersection in America, Canada and Mexico

12-channel GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) receiver plots coordinates from orbiting navigation satellites

Search by zip code, phone number, city or street

Exclusive, user-friendly touch screen

Compact wireless remote control

Low profile GPS antenna to maximize satellite tracking capability

Durable ABS plastic with ergonomic rubber finger grips for one-handed convenience

Sleek, sophisticated design to match any interior

Toll-free number for installation and technical support



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