The Imperial Database Presents an Exclusive Look at:

The SEVERUS Class Star Destroyer

The ISD "Decimator" salutes the
SVSD "Emperor's Will"
before jumping to light speed
above Celanon

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42 kilometers from bow to stern, the SVSD is the greatest achievement in Imperial Engineering since the Death Star. It is an unmatched triumph in war technology.

The Tachyon Ionization Drive allows a Cruising Speed of 500 MGLT sublight (723.6 MGLT maximum), and the KDY Gravimetric Refurberating Motivator gives it a Class .1 Hyperdrive (Class .042 maximum), making the SVSD by far the fastest ship of any class in the Galaxy.

The Dark Side Generator can output twice as much power in one second as the rest of the galaxy uses in an hour by drawing on the tremendous power of the Dark Side of the Force. New advances in Dark Side Energy Manipulation allows for the elimination of Light Side exhaust ports. This energy is used in a recycling system which brings ship efficiency up to almost 99%.

A revolutionary Superlaser can decimate even Class I planets and recharge in less than an hour! Rapid fire capability and .5 meter accuracy at 300 kilometers can eliminate any possible ship to ship opposition with total impunity.

The new Quantum Phasic Hull and Super Shield (courtesy of Ytterite Design Corp) makes the SVSD 100% invincible.

The speed, firepower, and defense systems are enough to make the SVSD the unmatched superior of any craft ever built. However, it's advantages do not stop there: a hyperspace-friendly cloaking device, gravity well generators (range 10,042 kilometers), and a maneuvering rating greater than that of most Imperial starfighters add to its power. It can execute a 180 degree turn in just over one second, accelerate from zero to 300 MGLT in 13.8 seconds, and its tractor beam can alter the orbit of a Class IV planet. To see one in action, or merely just to behold its presence and silent grace, is truly an awe inspiring experience.

Currently Operating Severus Class Star Destroyers:

  • SVSD Emperor's Will
  • SVSD Protector
  • M/SVSD Executor