Yore Killiní Me
138K wav sample

The thoughts are swirling 'round my head
Of all the things... the things we said
Coming back to haunt me
They're coming back to haunt me

Still gettin' thru... about you

All the things we've said are fillin' my head
All the things we've done, I can't undo
I'm talkiní about you

If it's the last thing I do,
I've got to tell ya,
tell ya true... I do (and the guitar says,
"I love you.")

I've never done anything intentionally wrong
I didn't mean to go wrong
It's you
You're killin' me

Ahhhh... killin'me

It's you
You're killin' me

It's you
You're killin' me

I've giviní up
It's incogitantious
I've given up...
of trying it again
I've given up my last hope
I've given up
I'm calling you a dope

Pandora's Rom Box

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