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Jeffory writes:
My thoughts on a VRML maze were to create small interconnected VRML maze segments.
I would prefer to have multiple 10-20 second waits then 1 large 20 minute wait.

Jeffory describes his gear:
I use MicroStation 95 & MicroStation Masterpiece as well as Virtus Walkthrough Pro for my modeling projects.
MicroStation has a "stereo" output option which will create .AVI files with
very good 3D glasses output. We should come up with a logo idea of this project, and I can develop a quick rotating 3D stereo animation of it.
The only limitations tored/green-blue 3D stereo is you cannot use much color with good results.
You need to stay with greyscale objects. The effects are fairly spectacular, though!

He also asks:
Have you guys seen the .FIF (Fractalized Video) format yet? It's apparently in alpha only at this point, but is able to
deliver 640x480x256 video at 30fps over a 28.8K connection. This is done by sending a much smaller thumbnail
to the codec and the codec does a fractalization "fill in the blanks" to simulate a full screen image.
I have personally not seen the results, but it is supposed to be fairly adequate.

Capn tells Dan the intern:
make away... as long as you work at 320x240 or 640x480 we could use anything that you can put together.
I can try to mess around with overlays on adobe premiere with the ship.avi clip.

Stuff you send with a solid background (preferably pantone blue) can be overlayed easily.
Stuff you add your own background to could be used as well.

Psehelp tries to restore order, I think at Rollo's request:
if you go to these directories you will see the start of what we are doing:

For the more hard core multimedia and techeeze: -(a directory of related files) -(a directory of related files)

For the kidz:

For the sponsors:

if you want to find movie and avi clips that aren't yet up on the web...
ftp to /home/capn/ or /home/willie and poke around.

Oak brainstorms...
Welcome to the world as we know it.
You now stand in a lobby, a door of escape behind you, four doors stand before you.
One door leads to a hellish maze filled with sights and sounds. (the maze will appeal to the game oriented people.)
Possibly linking them to whatever, and offering something at the end of it all.

Another door leads to the general store, where a person can purchase what his heart desires.
(I think that you termed it the general store. Maybe we can get some way to give it a gothic theme.)

Still another door provides the service of explaining what he/she is experiencing.
VRML, what it is, where it is going, how it is getting there, and what we did to get our sight up.
Who we support, and where others can get into the world of VRML.
(study shows that one of the best ways to draw a crowd to a sight is to offer cool info on cool topics.
If we show them an online maze, then offer the info on how we did it, we will generate hits,
and be known as part of the "cutting edge." And the final door. For those who are slow, or whose browser can not launch VRML, a VRML viewer download,
a set of mazes. Square ones, round ones, triangle, twists and turns. Upstairs and down.
I don't know how that would all work out though.

Wally adds: Let's find out!

Oak continues...

Finally, a small mouse hole under a wall socket in the corner, that will lead into the wall,
where a person can find info on the membrane sight, the multimedia group, and the people involved
in the making of the VRML sight.

Just an idea. What do you think?

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