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Willie checks in with the brain footage ...

Hope it is something, hope it works ! It's in ftp at willie/movies/stuff1/

Capn replies...

Willie, cool, thanks.
I'll check it out as soon as I get home.

Capn asks Pse Help for help...

Psehelp, can you move this to the .mov directory on the harddrive, or the cdrom... so all can see, and we can check it out?

Jeffory checks in...

I just installed the VRML patch for my MicroStation 3D modeler! It works GREAT!! Check out in ftp /home/jeffory/philanet.wrl. If you are moving this model, make sure you take marble05.jpg with you.

Now Psehelp needs a little...

I need to get my vrml plugin working!

Jeffory rescues(sort of)...

Just use Netscape 3.0. It has one built in.

...and a little more...

If you load win95 without first having 3.1, can you view avi files with anything?

I found a player.exe that plays .mpeg and .mov but no .avi.

So, is there an avi player?

And for the things we make, should we move to only .mpeg and .mov?

Capn, can you forward this question to Willie?

Jeffory rescues again...

Check for mplayer.exe. This was loaded onto my system when I loaded Windows 95 from scratch. (I've NEVER had Win31 on my system) I've always been able to double click .AVI. The thing to keep in mind with .AVI is that there are about a million different codecs, and if your system doesn't not have a specific decodec, the .AVI won't run, or will not run properly. The safest thing to do is ensure that the MicroSoft Windows AVI CODEC is selected for each .AVI generated.

PSEhelp asks...

We seem to have lost our mpeg viewer...
Can anyone tell me a good address for downloading?

Help announces...

Updates from the membrane domain:

1)Pandora's rom box can be seen at

2) Willie's fine brain footage has been combined with the Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers music and can be found at

3) Please welcome spagg to the mailing list (see

4) I'll be moving some VRML stuph over asap

Stay tuned for more.

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