Ever want to watch a movie without getting up, sticking a tape in the VCR and fumbling through about a million remote controls?


A Configured Viewer

The part most people have trouble with is getting their viewer to talk to the multi-media software. Almost all viewers available today have the ability to activate your multi-media software, but you must tell the viewer where to find it. If your viewer has an "options" or "preferences" choice, click on it. There should be a choice like "helper applications", click on it. (In Netscape, you will get a box that has a drop-arrow. After you click on the arrow, the last choice is helper applications.) The box that appears will say something like "mime type", "action" and "extension". There should be at least one line that talks about .avi (most Window's machines have mulit-media software for avi files) or .qt (most Mac's have multi-media software for qt files).

Highlight that line by clicking on it once. If the action space has ???? in it, your browser doesn't know where to find your multi-media software. The "browse" button will help you find the executable (.exe) file that will activate your multi-media driver. Should you be running windows, chances are the basic multi-media player is located at c:\windows\mplayer.exe. Make sure to click OK. If you have upgraded software, you need to find out which .exe will start your software. You can try looking in the manual.


Please click here to view avi video rushes.

Quick Time

The highest quality, "get the most for your disk space" video format would have to be Quicktime, developed by Apple. It allows high quality audio and video, all with simple, easy to use Quicktime Players.

Want to sample some Quicktime video? Here's the Millenium Falcon exiting hyperspace!!

What? You don't know how to view the spectacular display of special effects and computing technology? Then check out the Apple QUICKTIME Viewer Page!

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