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  • Welcome to Glistening Flicks. We are an online multimedia production company. Since those involved found each other over (or because of) the internet, we believe Glistening Flicks to be the first production company of it's kind. If you just "landed" on this page, you may want to check out the homepage or the record company.

    Our current effort is an internet multimedia production entitled
    "the Labyrinth"(click for: screenplay or soundtrack). With this extravaganza of sight and sound, we hope to tickle your synapses. You are viewing what goes on behind the scenes. If you would like to join us, email

    The piece of the project we first experimented with is called The Ride. Based upon its results... how it led to a swell cdrom single... and the input of all those involved... the project has evolved into "The Labyrinth". When completed, this computer driven production will allow the user to travel through a rock and roll virtual maze.

    The Labyrinth Extended Rush. (1.3M avi file)
    This clip features animation by Willie with editing by The Captain, and weighs in at about 1.3 meg. Therefore, you might want to go grab another beer while it loads to your machine (or a glass of milk if your not yet of age)... or if your browser lets you multitask, you might want to check out the lyrics.

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