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"Computer animation is not done by the computer any more than
clay animation is created by the clay."

- J. Lasseter

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Changes for ver 2.0 dated June 1, 1996

Images And Animations

Exxon: Chadds Ford, PA Mobil: Upper Moreland, PA McDonald's: Branchburg, NJ Shell: Lewisboro, NY Shell: Mt. Kisco, NY Original Photograph Shell: Mt. Kisco, NY Photomatched Canopy Amoco: Split Second Convenience Store Movie: Mobil Upper Moreland, PA (HUGE 1.26 MB) Morph: Shell Mt. Kisco, NY

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General Information

Tri-Tech Imaging, Inc. (TTI) is a full service visualization company specializing in computer generated, photorealistic animations & renderings for the Civil/Architectural Industry. TTI is dedicated to maintaining the most current hardware & software technology to provide cost-effective solutions to your visualization needs. If you would like more information, either fill out the information request form or send e-mail to

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List of Services

Three Dimensional Computer Modeling

Objects or entire facilities can be modeled in either MicroStation 95 or Virtus Walkthrough software. These computer models can be texture mapped with photographs of actual surfaces to provide a high level of realism. These models can then be provided on diskette, JAZ disk, or uploaded to your ftp site for your internal use, or they can be provided in one, or more, of our output formats.
Our modeling/rendering engine is:
Pentium 166mHz Windows 95 PC
6 GB Hard Disk
ViewSonic 21" Monitor
Matrox Millenium MGA Graphics Card with 8MB RAM
Calcomp DrawingBoard III with 16 button puck
Iomega 1MB JAZ drive
2400dpi Color Flatbed Scanner


This process combines computer rendered objects edited into a photograph and output as a new rendering. For instance, the customer would provide a photograph of a house and architectural plans for an addition. TTI would build the addition in the computer, render a view which matches that of the provided photograph, then edit the two images together so that you can "see" the addition to the house prior to building it.

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Output formats

Full-Color Still Renderings

Views can be rendered in 16.7 million colors in sizes up to 32" x 40" at 300dpi. Output media can be translucent bond, mylar, or high-gloss photo paper. TTI utilizes a Hewlett-Packard HP-755CM Color InkJet plotter for this process.

S-VHS or VHS Video Tape Animations

Models and objects can be animated over time and recorded to S-VHS or VHS videocassette. TTI utilizes a DPS Perception Video Digitizing Card w/ the Capture Daughterboard and a Panasonic AG-DS550 S-VHS Recorder for this process.

Software Files

Models and Objects can be saved in MicroStation, Virtus, DXF 3D, DWG R12, or IGES format and saved to 1.44MB floppy, 100MB Zip Disk, or 1GB Jaz Disk

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Partial List of Clients

Bohler Engineering
Mobil Oil Corporation
Tyree Consulting Company
Liberty Travel
McDonald's Corporation
Shell Oil Company
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Jeffory J. Beckers
Production Manager

Jeffory J. Beckers has been involved in the civil site design industry since 1985 specializing in retail gas station facilities. He has been hired to manage the production of all computer animation and video editing services offered by Tri-Tech Imaging, Inc.
Jeffory was previously an independent gas station designer, developing site designs, preparing permit and construction documents, providing construction management services, and providing 3D models and animations of retail gas station facilities. His list of previous clients includes Sunoco, Coastal, Getty, Texaco, Atlantic, and Burger King.
Jeffory has been working with Intergraph and MicroStation since 1986, both on the PC and Macintosh platforms. He has also been utilizing Virtus Walkthrough for the past 3 years on both the PC and Macintosh platforms.

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