The Mind/Body Sciences Forum On Compuserve
by Rob Kall, M. Ed.

The Mind/Body Sciences Forum on Compuserve is the best place in cyber space—if you are interested in Mind Body Sciences—consciousness, biofeedback, sound light or other mind machines, hypnosis, neurofeedback, meditation, stress and pain management, peak performance, and related topics. Finally, there’s a reason you bought that modem. It is the one place you can find real-time chats, discussions groups, conferences, a lively, stimulating, uplifting, enlightening message board and a strong library with more files—articles, demo and full function programs, meeting announcements, etc. than any other site. The 15,000 plus members span the globe, from Japan, Germany, Australia, Holland, Italy, and Mexico. Forum members discuss topics of interest to the professional and the lay public.
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