The importance of credit can not be underestimated when buying a home. Your Real Estate agent, loan officer, and even the seller have an interest in the condition of your credit. It is wise to consult a loan officer to examine your credit report before you begin the buying process. At no charge to you, we will check your credit report, notify you of the results and provide you with our advice.

Unfortunately the Fair Credit Reporting Laws prohibit lenders from providing customers a copy of their credit reports.

Our appologies but we are able to only offer this service to those considering purchasing a home in Pennaylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.



Full Name
Street Address
State, Zip Code
Social Security Number
Home Phone Number
Work Phone Number
E-Mail Address
Are you currently considering purchasing a home? No Yes
If yes, what location are you considering purchasing in?
It is agreed and understood that the RESPA Act prohibits lenders from distributing credit
reports to any third party.
This information is not being collected for a loan application and this service should not be
considered an extension of credit.
I/We hereby authorize Shelter Mortgage Services to obtain an in file credit report in my/our
names for pre-qualification purposes only. No Yes

Licensed Mortgage Banker: PA Dept. of Banking
Licensed Mortgage Banker: NJ Dept. of Banking
Licensed Mortgage Banker: DE Dept. of Banking

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