SHELTER MORTGAGE would be glad to assist you in obtaining a mortgage loan for your real estate purchase.

This section will allow you to apply for a mortgage loan in the comfort of your own home. Since the mortgage application process is rather complex. please allow 10-20 minutes for completion. We must also limit this program to customers purchasing or refinancing a primary or vacation residence, zoned for residential occupancy. this application is not for home equity loans or second mortgages.

Due to the detailed nature of the following questions it may be helpful to collect accurate information on your income, employment, debts and asset information before you begin.

The following form is not a mortgage application. A qualified professional loan officer will use the following information to prepare a loan package consisting of required loan disclosures, a Good Faith Estimate of closing costs and the application. We will forward this package to you immediately along with a list of documents needed to complete your loan, as well as a request for the application fee. Your personal loan officer will also be contacting you to introduce themself and answer your questions.

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