In real estate, the bare fact is...
unless you work with a BUYER'S AGENT,
your agent most likely is an agent of the seller!

Who does your real estate agent work for?

Any real estate agent assisting a buyer usually works under the seller's agent and owes primary allegiance to the seller. Unless the real estate agent and the buyer are working under a "buyer agency" contract, the agent is legally a selling agent and is obligated to work in the best interest of the seller. Of great importance to buyers is the fact that the agent is obligated to obtain the highest price for the seller. It has always been this way. What has changed is that today's buyers are demanding representation, too.

That's why we now have "buyer's agents."
Only a buyer's agent can represent and work for the best interest of the buyer.

Benefits only a buyer's agent can provide...

Negotiate with the seller or seller's agent for the best price and terms---
This negotiating capability can save a buyer thousands of dollars.

Prepare a comparative market analysis to verify proper pricing---
This will estimate the value so the buyer does not overpay.

Show unlisted properties---
This capability increases the selection of homes from which the buyer can choose.

Maintain the confidentiality of a buyer's price intentions---
Without this confidentiality, the seller might gain a competitive bargaining edge.

Put the buyer's interest above all others---
The agent works for you to advise and counsel when necessary.

All this service---and no additional cost

The buyer pays no more for the services of a buyer's agent than he or she would if using a traditional seller's agent.


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