USGA revises program
for tournament pairings

A completely revised Tournament Pairing Program -renamed TPP 2000- was shipped to 61 state and regional associations throughout the country in March by the United States Golf Association
Eighty-three percent of the 95 member clubs of the Golf Association of Philadelphia have facilities for using this new service developed over the past two years by the USGA.
It performs such functions as pairing players, printing a starter;s list, dotting score cards, and selecting the winners in a variety of stroke and match play competitions.
"The new program is greatly simplified for beginners and far more versatile than before," the USGA advises. "Its user friendliness is its greatest asset for golf clubs. Clubs can now set up and score Stableford, Chicago, Skins and Round Robins events.
"The program will even perform simultaneous scoring for more than one event. For example, if clubs want to run a gross and net event, plus skins, at the same time, they can now do both,"
The finest new feature in TPP 2000, it is suggested, is the ability to "delete or add players after the tournament starts without having to re-pair.
The deleted players simply drop from pairings, the added players fill out the existing groups or form new groups at the end of the field."
--Fred Byrod

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