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Americans paid 13.7 billion dollars for visits to alternative medical practitioners in 1990, 10.3 billion dollars was out of pocket. In 1993, 1 in 3 made 425 million visits to alternative practitioners, exceeding the number of visits to primary care physicians, which was 388 million.

Life Association News, June 1996

Studies by the National Institutes of Health indicate that over 80% of all people using alternative therapies combine it with their medical treatment. Business Insurance, February 1996

According to the Consumers' Association, 9 out of 10 members who have used complementary medicine would use it again, 80% would recommend it to others.
50 % of patients surveyed after treatment report "greatly improved", and 40% reported "improved" or "slightly improved" 88% reported they still experienced improvements after 10 weeks. The Handbook for Complementary Medicine,
Stephen Fulder

Anywhere from 60-90% of all visits to doctors are in the mind-body stress-related realm. Faith in the medical treatment, is wonderfully therapeutic, successful at treating 60-90% of most common medical problems. Dr. Herbert Benson, Harvard Medical School,
Time Magazine June 24, 1996

82% of people surveyed believe in the power of personal prayer.
Time Magazine, June 24 1996

Washington State passed a law effective Jan.1996 that requires insurance companies to pay for alternative therapies such as acupuncture and massage.
The Economist, February 1996

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