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In 1960 Yaskawa introduced the Minertia Motor, the first high performance low inertia servo design. Since that breakthrough 35 years ago, Yaskawa has remained on the leading edge of motion control technology Yaskawa Research and Engineering teams have consistently led the way with motion control solutions for the world of automation.

Yaskawa's latest innovation is the Sigma Servo System, a compact, high performance combination of brushless servomotors matched with flexible, all digital amplifiers to obtain the utmost in system performance.

The Sigma Servo System family of products provide higher torque to inertia, higher torque per length and higher torque per dollar than previous generation of brushless servos systems. The Sigma all digital design offers an extremely flexible hardware platform which can be user customized via software executed features and functions for a multitude of applications.

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"Motion Control Solutions"
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