Historical Points

In a small town called Ambler PA, the new ties were invented by Derrick André Chambers on February 2, 1992. The name André Ties was derived from his middle name André. He was born with a rare birth defect in the ears yet continues to accomplish many things most people take for granted. His achievements baffled many doctors because it was once thought that his condition would hinder him from being a productive member of society. He was an aerospace engineering major until a financial situation forced him home. His passion to design safer commercial planes to save human lives had come to an end but his creative abilities never stopped.

One day while dressing for work placing on a common office tie before a mirror, something caught his eye. It appeared in his imagination a new tie seen in various angles. That's how the new ties were accidentally discovered. Since bow ties are an outdated accessory, he saw a need for change in men's formal and casual wear.

Without sewing experience, he began a year and a half cultivating the new ties. He saw the tie clearly in his mind but could not perfect it properly. Every step was a problem, he prayed and slept on it until he was able to solve them. This happened repeatedly until the ties were perfected and marketable. Every tie he produced from his mother's sewing machine was sold out. He patented his tie so that you can appreciate the originality and quality of André Ties. It's nice to receive compliments about your tie at dinner parties. It is even more impressive to say that you have the authentic design from the creator and tell the story. Make it a conversation piece.

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