Custom Department

You can get your ties custom made off the internet! Impress your friends and family.

Just choose a style of tie below and send your desired material along with check, money order or even use your credit card. Be sure to send 1/4 yard of material for every two ties. For example, if sixteen people are needed then two yards are required. Add that personal touch to your tie collection and it's ideal for weddings, business, church and various organizations. It's that easy!

Wide Pleat
No Pleat
Center Pleat
Top Pleat
Bottom Pleat
Side Pleat
Double V

Leave a lasting impression with a personalized box you plan to give or keep.

Keep your exclusive tie free of dust in a lustrous soft suede box with a personalized gold stamp on rich white satin. Here are the following samples:


Presents a custom tie for
Your Name

Ideal for Weddings
June 11, 1997 Mr & Mrs Your Name

Custom made for
Recipient Name

Your Name

To or Custom made for
Recipient Name

Your Organization

To or Custom made for
Recipient Name

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