Small Space Trellises

For those smaller, more intimate areas, such as a patio, we have designed trellises that can be used in containers or set on the ground. They have, proven to be very versatile in any size garden since they are both classical and portable. You can add a formal quality even to a vegetable garden with our small trellises. Trellises 12 and 13 are 1 inch angle and flat bar; 14 through 17, are fabricated in 1/2 inch square steel tubing.

#12 Ivy Tower 7' x 18" x 18"
13 Pryamid 4'x 13" x 13"'
14 Victorian 7' x 23" x 23"
15 Urn 4' x 2' x 2'
16 Obelisk 4'2" x 1'x 1'
17 Fan 6'6" x 25"



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