Buyer's Brokerage

Who is working for you?

All Brokerage companies in the State of Pennsylvania are subjuct to the same Common Laws of Agency. Before entering into a real estate transaction, the real estate brokerage company has an obligation to discuss the legal relationship that will exist during the transaction. This relationship will determine whether you will receive client or customer level services.

Client Level Services: When a real estate brokerage company represents the seller and not the buyer in a transaction, the seller is the client and the buyer is the customer of the seller's brokerage company. All fiduciary responcibilities/duties are due the seller under this set of circumstances... and only the seller.

Customer Level Services: When the real estate brokerage company represents the buyer and not the seller in a transaction, the buyer is the client and the seller is the customer of the buyer's brokerage company. The buyer and the brokerage company will enter into a Brokerage Employment Agreement or "Buyer Representation Contract." All fiduciary responcilblities/duties are due the buyer under this set of circumstance... and only the buyer.

What are Fiduciary Responsiblities or Duties to the client performed by the real estate brokerage company and why are they necessary?

Full Disclosure
Undivided loyalty

These guide lines are the "core" of the ethics and standard practice that ALL real estate professionals in the State of Pennsylvania should adhere to in ALL real estate transactions.

Who will pay the "Buyer's Agent's Fee?

Under most circumstances, the payment of the buyer's agent's fee has already been discussed by the listing agent at the time the listing was signed. The listing agent has pointed out the advantages of compensating the buyer's agent for his service in procurring a ready, willing and able buyer for the property. The fee is then printed in the multiple listing service.

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