Glistening Trail Management (.08M)

DEMO POLICYUnsolicited demo's are excepted if they meet either of the two following requirements:
  • The music is written and recorded live ( see The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment .)
  • You are a glistening old fart.

    Submissions become the property of Glistening Trail Management, however; if you enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope, we will attempt to return it.

    PO Box 994
    Blue Bell, PA 19422

    Artist Representation

    The business side of the Philadelphia Spirit Experiment is conducting a College of Business. Hands-on classes are being offered to individuals interested in self-representation ... after all, you don't want us taking 20% of your money for the rest of your life. Do you?

    Interested individuals should Join The Slugfest. Upon receiving your membership information, send a return e-mail that mentions "College of Business" in the