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Spring 96

Atlanta, GA

There I was at the drive-thru (why don't they just go the whole 9 yards with the misspelling and call it a drive-THREW) ordering a MacGrill Chicken. The electro-voice said it would be $2.61, so as not to get a pocketful of McChange, I rendered $3.11. I just wanted two case quarters back, but the Mcdonald's helperette started pouring me coins. I said, "Whoa, skipper, I gave you $3.11 so I could get back two quarters." She said "your change is 49 cents." I asked her if the price was $2.61 and she said yes, so I told her that $3.11 less $2.61 was, you with me? 50 cents. "The computer says it's 49 cents." Incredulously I looked at her, and although normally I would become irate as I'm grumpy when I'm hungry, I just had to laugh. I responded "Look, this isn't Clinton math: 3.11 minus 2.61 is 50 cents." Geez, what does McDonald's take me for, a Buchanan supporter? The manager finally solved the dilemma and gave me two quarters.

Lately Clinton math seems to prevail, even on wall Street. Look at my last newsletter pick, Trident Microsystems (TRID: NASDAQ). On the eve of the Superbowl which the Steelers should have won had they not had that mouthbreather of a quarterback, I noted that TRID was cheap at 13 1/2, in my estimation. Since then it went up to 17 1/2...then back down...then up to 18...set clothes on spin cycle...It's done this three times, and just today hit as low as 13 3/4.

I would say I'm beating a dead horse, but I think this one might win or place at the Derby. I reiterate my belief that any buy under $20 on TRID is a good move. The fundamentals are strong, the company is in an interesting niche, and the stock is cheap compared to the high it reached last year of 37. For those of who still believe there aren't enough torts out there: this is an aid to your due diligence, not a substitute.*

* This is the opinion of only Martin Dekom and no other, so take it up with him

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