Settlement & Beyond...


The state of Pennsylvania is called a "Title State". Therefore, the first thing we will do for you in preparation of your closing is to order your title insurance from a reputable title company. This company will not only ensure that there are no liens or encumbrances on the property you have chosen, but they will also act as the host for the settlement.

Dager & Dager will also work in tandem with your lender to make sure everything needed by them prior to settlement is accounted for. More importantly, we will contact them about a week before your scheduled settlement to ascertain all their charges. We will combine these figures with all other charges and present to you a dollar figure needed to settle.

Parts of this process may sound a bit daunting, so Dager & Dager has begun to offer a "mock-settlement". A few days before the actual settlement, your agent will sit down with you and explain in great detail the process of a settlement. They will among other things explain the documents you will be signing, the people who will be present, and the documentation that you will be required to bring. If you have purchased a home before this may not be a necessity.

In general Dager & Dager is going to be there for you, to ensure that the process is smoothly run, and that all your questions have been answered.


After settlement you would think that the real estate company would not be involved an longer...Not so! It is our intention to remain at your service, after the fact. We realize that there will probably be questions that arise at this point. We want to be there to answer them.