Plan of Attack:

Now that you will have a better idea of where you might like to look specifically and we will have an idea of what you desire in your new home, it's time to plan.

The first thing to plan is the times for going out to see homes. We realize that your time is not only going to be limited, but most likely chopped up due to obligations with your new employer. We will work around your schedule to make it convenient for you. If this means we meet only weekends or nights after 6pm, then so be it! We'll make it work!

The second thing we need to plan is the form that your financing will take. This may seem like a premature thing to do, but it's not. It is always best to have yourself at least "pre-qualified" if not "pre-approved" prior to viewing the first home on the list. When you finally make a choice on the home you want to bid on, you will have a better negotiating position. A seller is more apt to take an offer from a buyer who does not need 5-6 weeks to get an "OK" from a lending institution. It just makes sense, and that is why Dager & Dager likes to help you pre-plan for this now. Click HERE if you would like to move to Dager & Dager's financial workshop to begin this process.

Lastly, but probably most importantly, we need to plan the strategies we will employ in negotiating any purchase. (ie: price, terms, dates, etc...) This of course would only be occuring if we had previously decided to work together under a "Buyer's Agent" relationship. Click HERE if you would like to learn more about how this relationship will benefit you.